November 12, 2022

To Honor Our Veterans See "Forever Young"

Honoring Our Veterans

We are most grateful for all of our veterans, those who served our country in the past and those that are serving our country now. We thank you for your service.

There is a new book that just released, Forever Young Veterans: Stories of Sacrifice, Healing, and Hope, honoring our veterans, by Diane Hight and Michael Ware.

Founder and President of Forever Young Veterans, Diane Hight, said, "This book is a culmination of love. A team effort by a small group of true professionals in the writing game, supplemented by a family of folks who volunteered their developing talents to honor the men and women who went to war protecting our freedoms. All participants spent many hours ensuring the words on these pages honored the heroes whose names appear above the stories—names of the common soldier, sailor, airman, Marine, Coast Guard, and citizen who served and fought but never sought recognition for patriotic duties."

Hight said, "Inside this book is only a few of the stories from WWII, Korea, and Vietnam; stories that are disappearing from the American mind. Join our writers as they detail the personal war stories of the American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines who were there - ordinary Americans who were asked to do extraordinary duties. Prepare yourself for a new sense of gratitude and respect for the men and women who fight our wars in the trenches."

You will hit Omaha Beach on D-Day; step out on a suicide mission in the North African desert; fight your way out of Chosin Reservoir at 30 degrees below zero; eject from your F-4 fighter over Hanoi; and fall in love with a young French girl as you leave for the battle front?

You will come to know each veteran as you read their stories and you will meet the writers that interviewed each veteran and wrote their stories.

This was an amazing project for each one of the writers. It was a privilege to meet these veterans and write their stories. One I will never forget. We give honor to every veteran who has served and who is serving now.

The authors on this project were K. Michael Ware, Nick Nixon, Berni Dodd, Wallace M. Graham III, Kay DiBianca, Annette Cole Mastron, Janet G. Wertz, James E. Graham, Barbara Ragsdale, and Susan Reichert, Angela Michelle Brunson, George King, and James Brown. It was wonderful meeting these veterans and telling their stories.

The Forever Young Veterans Organization has honored more than 2500 senior veterans by granting their individual wishes and returning them to the places where they fought 50, 60, and even 75 years ago.

They've been to nine countries, visiting Normandy, Belgium, England, Iwo Jima, Italy, Pearl Harbor, Okinawa, Luxembourg, and Germany. We’ve also traveled many times to Washington, D.C., on Trip of Honor® and the National WWII Museum in New Orleans. We are planning trips to Korea and Vietnam. 

To learn more about this organization visit:

We give honor to every veteran who has served our country and for those who are still serving our country. 


  1. It was an honor for me to write the article on WWII veteran Charlie Henderson's life and service. I'm so happy the book has been released to honor our veterans.

    1. Thank you Kay. It was also an honor for me to interview and write about WWII veteran Raymond F. “Ray” Hust. Grateful to all who participated.