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Meet Linda Lovely, Author of Home Owners Association Mysteries

Meet Linda Lovely, author of a Home Owners Association Mystery

Her new book, Neighbors to Die For, releases November 8. You will want to mark the date on your calendar.

Linda says, "My soon-to-be-released HOA Mystery, Neighbors To Die For, is set in Beaufort County, and the heroine lives aboard a boat at the Downtown Beaufort Marina.

Why a homeowner association mystery series?

More than 40 million U.S. households sit inside HOAs. That's more than half of owner-occupied homes. Just like English villages provided perfect settings for Agatha Christie, today’s HOAs provide ideal backdrops for intrigue and an abundance of suspects in modern mysteries. Community residents tend to know about each other—either through personal contact or gossip. The ability of HOA Boards to make and enforce rules that impact people’s daily lives and their most important financial asset can generate animosity. And power struggles are inevitable—as they are in any human organization.

Tell us a little about the book.

Neighbors To Die For is my second HOA Mystery set in the South Carolina Lowcountry, where I made my home for a dozen years. The series heroine is Kylee Kane, a 50-year-old retired Coast Guard investigator who’s been roped into consulting for a life-long friend who owns an HOA management company. This mystery opens with Kylee listening to HOA Board members quarrel over acceptable mulch color. Little does she suspect the coming Thanksgiving week will find her searching for kidnapped HOA presidents, investigating a SWAT incident, and trying to stop a killer whose hit list includes Kylee and everyone she loves.

This is how Jonathan Haupt, coeditor, Our Prince of Scribes: Writers Remember Pat Conroy, describes the novel.

“Multiple mysteries converge as retired Coast Guard investigator Kylee Kane returns in this welcome second installment of Linda Lovely’s HOA Mystery Series. Lovely excels at balancing the life-and-death stakes of her well-paced narrative with the character developments of her robust and memorable cast, all against the backdrop of the deceptively benign world of HOA machinations. A delightful, page-turner of a mystery, not to be missed.”

How many novels so far?

This is my tenth published novel. Whether I’m writing cozy mysteries, historical suspense or contemporary thrillers, my novels share one common element—smart, independent heroines. Humor and romance also sneak into every manuscript. I’m secretary of the Southeast Chapter of Mystery Writers of America, and a former president of the Upstate SC Sisters in Crime chapter. I also belong to International Thriller Writers, and the South Carolina Writers Association. For many years, I helped organize the Writers’ Police Academy.

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"A journalism major, I got my first paid writing job with Plymouth Traveler Magazine the summer after my sophomore year at Northwestern University. My editors were a hoot, and I was hooked.

"In the decades since then (my gray hair hints at the number), I’ve written hundreds of magazine features for business and trade magazines, freelanced for advertising agencies, written speeches for corporate executives, produced marketing brochures and newsletters, planned PR events, scripted videos, and written Help for tech products.

"I enjoyed it all, but nothing compares to the joy of researching and writing mysteries and suspense novels.In 2022, I celebrated my tenth year as a traditionally published author!

"When I’m not writing (or reading), I enjoy tennis, swimming, gardening and long walks with my husband. We now live on a lake in Upstate South Carolina. Though we’ve also called Fripp Island, SC, Durham, NC, Atlanta, GA, and Rochester, NY, home.

"My hometown is Keokuk, Iowa. Though none of my contemporary heroines live there, most grew up in Keokuk. That explains why they share my affinity for some Midwest expressions and attitudes."


A Fun, Fast Page-Turner--Tami Hoag, #1 NYT Bestselling Author

“Linda Lovely delivers another twisty mystery with the perfect mix of wry humor and quirky characters. Anyone looking for a fun, fast page-turner, here it is!”

Captivating Suspense--
Katherine Ramsland, bestselling author of How to Catch a Killer

“HOA communities seem deceptively safe, but the mix of gossip and politics in rule-bound groups can be a fertile breeding ground for murder. For the gutsy Kylee Kane, a fact-finding gig in South Carolina’s Lowcountry turns increasingly complex and dangerous. With Neighbors Like These offers a distinctive setting, a tenacious female sleuth and captivating suspense.”

Crackling Dialogue--Richard Helms,
​Derringer & Thriller Awards winning author of Brittle Karma

"Low Country murder, intrigue, and even a little romance abound in With Neighbors Like These. Kylee Kane is a welcome addition to the genre, and author Linda Lovely knows how to stir the pot with crackling dialogue and a tidy little mystery. Highly recommended!"