Friday, May 13, 2022

What Miracles Do We Miss?

What miracles do we miss when we close
 our eyes to the wonder of everyday moments?

In this busy, jaded world of ours, we often take for granted what we see every day. We may set aside time to spend with God in a quiet room, but we struggle to see his hand in a traffic jam or while walking the dog. But for Karen Wingate, sight itself is something extraordinary, and what our eyes can reveal is even more astounding.

Karen lived most of her life with severely limited sight due to a cluster of disorders stemming from a genetic defect. But through the chance outcome of a surgery, she regained sight in one eye that doubled her visual acuity--and allowed her to see things she had never seen before. And as she discovered a more detailed world for the first time, she also began to see God in every new discovery--from the prosaic numbers of a bathroom scale to the glory of sunsets.

With Fresh Eyes invites readers not only to celebrate the gift of their own sight but to reawaken to the wonder of what they observe in creation--great and small--and how God is working in everyday moments. In each of her sixty meditations, Karen's humor and whimsy draw a connection between physical sight and spiritual understanding that will leave readers with a renewed joy and delight in what is good and beautiful, and will reassure them that God still works in the lives of his people.

Karen Wingate loves to give readers a fresh look of wonder at life, the world, and God through her speaking and writing. A long-time devotional writer, Karen shares the personal details of her gift of new eyesight in the middle years of her life in her latest book With Fresh Eyes. After living for years in the Midwest, Karen and her husband Jack now reside In Tucson, Arizona to be closer to family.