April 29, 2022

For All Who Have Grandchildren!


Kay Swatkowski

More Grandmother's Prayers the follow up book to the original A Grandmother's Prayers from grandmother and pastoral counselor Kay Swatkowski. 

This involved grandma invites you to pray for your grandchildren and gives you practical ways to encourage their faith through these 60 devotions.

You'll read inspiring stories, find Scripture-based prayer prompts, and discover new and fun ways to connect with your grandchildren in person or from afar.

Kay Swatkowski holds a degree in elementary education and a master's in pastoral counseling. 

Grandmother of nine, Kay draws on her own life experiences and years of working with families in church settings as she writes to encourage grandmothers.

Kay and her husband, Ray, have nearly five decades of ministry and leadership experience.

"Grandmothers will find encouragement and biblical guidance in how to pray for and meaningfully interact with their grandchildren through 60 days of devotions"

This book is published by Daily Bread Publishing and released in June 2022.


The original A Grandmother's Prayers book description is:   Have you ever thought about how much a praying grandparent impacts future generations? If you want to play a pivotal role in your grandchildren’s lives through prayer, this devotional prayer guide is for you. With inspiring stories, Scripture-based prayer topics, and practical ideas for fostering loving relationships, A Grandmother’s Prayers presents a sixty-day journey of prayer for your grandchildren. In the pages of this devotional prayer guide, you’ll find insightful and uplifting daily readings, sample prayers, activities and conversation starters, and questions for reflection and application.

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