December 3, 2021

Nostalgic Moment with Ashley Scheller on Writing



Friday, November 20, 2015

My Writing Crystal

By Ashley Scheller

To be new at writing can be both exciting and intimidating. I can say with confidence my journey to becoming a new author has been long but also worthwhile.

I penned my first rough draft of my debut novel back in high school. I would write a bit, let it sit for a month and repeated this process. When I went to college in the fall of 2005, I didn’t write anymore, I was too busy, I didn’t have the time. Then in 2013, years after graduating, I revisited my manuscript.

My mistake was trying to write when I didn’t have the ambition or the patience I needed. I would have made the time to write if it had been important to me. Saying you don’t have the time is one of the hardest excuses to break. It’s also one of the most popular excuses people use.

I believe a writing habit must be developed. You must train yourself to complete the page, or to get that one sentence scribbled on paper, to meet a word count. Creating any good habit– writing, eating well or getting into an exercise routine is a process. Start small and work up.

When I started, I’d write for short periods. Now, hours of writing pass, to the point my husband wonders if I’m ever going to stop and eat.

For me, productivity is being there for family and/or friends while completing my writing goals each day. We each must determine our own goals of productivity.

I do know, however, that novel isn’t going anywhere until I sit down and get to work.

Ashley Scheller has many hats. An educator by day and artist by night, she loves to write stories if she isn’t sketching new creations in her notebook. Residing with her family in Iowa, she enjoys connecting with her community about art, books, and games.

Scheller invites you to an exciting adventure and cannot wait to deliver the next installment of The Wielder Diaries series.


  1. Ashley, thank you for being so open about your writing.

    I agree with your statement, "Saying you don’t have the time is one of the hardest excuses to break. It’s also one of the most popular excuses people use."

    This is so true.

    Congratulations on your books!

  2. A lot of writers want to "have written." But it takes the determination to sit yourself behind a computer and type to get words on the paper. Good post!

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