November 23, 2021

Writing Settings

Alexandra Stoddard, lifestyle author wrote, "When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it with you wherever you go.” Obviously she was referring to real-life places. But remember, the same is true of fictional stories too.

What do you say a setting is for a novel?

Is it the town the story is in?

Is it the time of the story?

Is it the mood?

What about the social setting?

The cultural setting?

Do all of these count toward creating a setting?

If so, how?

What about the descriptions we need for these? Don't we need to paint vivid pictures of

sights? How about sounds? And smells? What other sensations do we need to create the


How many settings should a story have?

All of these questions are important when writing stories. How do you go about creating your settings?

1 comment:

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