July 14, 2021

Questions To Ask Yourself

Susan Reichert

Here are some questions for authors to ask themselves.

Do you follow blogs of a few authors you like?

The ones you follow, do they update their readers about the stories they are writing?

How much information do they give you each time they update their blog?

Do they tell you enough to pique your interest to want to keep up with what is transpiring with their new creation?

Do they share things like the period it is set in? Anything about the characters? What about the setting they are placing their story in? You know, the mountains, the ocean, a particular town, or country?

If they do, do you leave a comment, letting them know of your interest? How much you are looking forward to reading this book when it is published? Do you spur them on, keep the dialogue going?

Do they ask you questions for suggestions maybe on name, titles colors? Or do they ask you what you think?

Why am I asking these questions? People love to be involved in projects, especially with authors. Let them in on the up’s and down’s, in’s and out’s-enough to whet the appetites, building excitement and buzz for the book. The important thing to know is it gives them a feeling of being part of and involved in the process of your creating your book. And when it is published, they will be the ones for sure buying a copy of this new book.

Susan Reichert is the author of Between Me and You: God’s Way is Better, God’s Prayer Power, and Storm in Life. Her new book, Listen Close will be released this month.

She and her husband live in Tennessee. They have four daughters with families of their own.

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