March 10, 2021

What Can We Authors Write That Might Make A Difference?

Michael Hicks Thompson

As Susan Reichert says, and I paraphrase, Let’s make 2021 better, using Suite T to speak life into our new year by discussing opportunities that may open because of what we went through during 2020, one of the worst years any of us have ever experienced. What new venues did we find to cope? What ways do we have to help others? What can we authors write that might make a difference in the lives of those in 2021. What things would we like to see come about to make this year better?

Susan Reichert could not have asked a more pertinent question of the authors she supports and nourishes.

So, here’s my humble, feeble contribution.

First, a confession. I did not look to the Bible for answers to all that happened in 2020, so much as I did books, articles about Covid-19, social justice, blm, the riots, Antifa, the election, and all the subsequent political nastiness played out on the public stage. I should have spent more time in the Bible, but I was glued to news and information about all the issues we suddenly began facing.

2020 was a year that will go down in infamy, as Roosevelt said about the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The public discourse in 2020 was acrimonious, contentious, divisive. Politics from all parties showed their nasty underbellies. The Covid scare was worse. Frankly, 2020 stank.

But it’s over. What do we do now?

Well, we can’t ignore the fact that more of the same could repeat. Nobody knows what will happen. But America is under attack. That much is clear.

Me? I believe it’s time to pray like we’ve never prayed before. Will you pray with me now? Right now?

“Our Father, who is in heaven, you are the Almighty, the Creator of all that exists. We are under siege from the evil one. Will you guide us out of his misery? Will you show us how to think? Will you lead those who’ve never tasted the love and forgiveness of Jesus to do so this year? We are in travail. We are confused. It’s as you predicted, people will call evil good, and good evil. LORD, we beg you to not separate us from each other. There is already too much civil enmity within families. We need your peace to fall upon us, shine on us like the noon day sun; take away our own iniquities and sins, as we are all sinners in the face of our Savior. Show those who seek to do you harm the wicked ways of their heart. All this and so much more our Spirit calls out to you for help. We, LORD, are not in control. You are. And that gives us the only comfort and hope we have for 2021, and beyond.” 

While I’ve not addressed all the ideas Susan has for Suite T and 2021, the one that I wanted to concentrate on most was this: What can we authors write that might make a difference in the lives of those in 2021.

Michael Hicks Thompson has written six Christian novels, four of them winning several major literary awards, including The Selah award for Best Mystery Suspense from the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer’s Association for The Rector—A Christian Murder Mystery; two Gold Winners from the International Books Awards, Winner for Best Religion Fiction from the Beverly Hills Book Awards (The Rector), Winner for Best Religion Fiction for the Inde Excellence Awards, Grand Prize Winner for best book (The Actress) from the International KCT Awards, Best Christian Thriller from the Pinnacle Awards (The Actress), one Silver IPPY and two Bronze IPPYs from the Independent Book Publishers Asso., for his DAVID books, plus several other awards.

Be on the lookout for his latest suspense thriller, CLOUDS ABOVE, a plausible sci-fi of a 2035 world without clean water. It’s already predicted.

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  1. Great prayer. And hopefully as authors, we can make a difference.