March 17, 2021

Do You Tell People You Are Writing?

Susan Reichert

The question, "Do you tell people you are writing?" This is both a difficult question to answer and an easy one.

Some people will advise new writers to not tell others they are writing a book. Why? Simply because, they can say things that could leave the new writer with confidence being shattered. However, if you have written a manuscript or two and are published, you probably will not take their negative thoughts to heart, especially since you are published.

The key is don't let anything someone says deter you from writing your book. Stick to your plans. Write the book.

Many will tell you to only share this information, about your writing a book, with those who are supportive of your wanting to write. I think I agree with that. For if you are new to writing you need people who will help you and be encouraging and not say things that make you uncomfortable. 

I do not think we should let just anyone read what we are working on either. Sometimes, people will mean well, but what comes out of their mouth doesn't sound like they mean well. And that first time writer could take to heart those words in the wrong way. It is important we always be encouraging and nurturing whenever possible.

I have a few people that are in my inner circle that I let read things I am working on.  I trust them and their opinions. There are others I love dearly, but do not let them see it until it is published. It is a matter of being comfortable. What we are about is birthing a new baby . . . our book. A book that comes from inside us. So, we must be careful as to whose input we listen too.

During this covid quanrantine I have finished two manuscripts and almost through with a third. Only the people in my inner circle have read and had input. I am most grateful for this inner circle. These people know what my writing dreams are. Most important they never mock or belittle my writing.

These are the types of people you want in your inner circle. They are writers and they know what it is like when you are putting your words to paper.

But we also need good critique partners. It is important to learn our craft and surround ourselves with people who can help in our writing.

When you finish the manuscript, these people will be as excited as you are. Like you that will be anxious to hold that book in their hands too.

I am always happy to see a new writer come on the scene. I always hope they will enjoy
writing as much as I do and hope they will have much success.

Always be sure and encourage others in their writing!

Susan Reichert is the founder of Southern Author Services and Editor of Suite T. Is the retired co-publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Southern Writers Magazine.

She is the author of God’s Prayer Power and Storms in Life, numerous magazine articles, and in 9 anthology books. Speaker at writing conferences, seminars, libraries, and President of Collierville Christian Writers Group (CCWriters Group). Her next book releases in March 2021.

Susan lives in Tennessee with her husband. They have four grown daughters with their own families.

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  1. Susan, I told everyone! And my friends followed my journey. When I finally got a book contract, they celebrated with me. Then when I had my first book launch, over 200 people showed up and bought books. So there are benefits, too. I never had anyone discourage me.

    1. That is fantastic Ane. Thank you for sharing with us today. Keep writing your books, I so enjoy reading them.

  2. I'm with you on this, Susan. Even though I'm published in anthologies, etc., telling people I'm writing a book is something you share with those who are encouraging. Every time I hear someone say, "I've thought about writing a book." I cheer them on and encourage them to do it. By the way, I'm excited about your successes and your new release! Congratulations!

    1. Thanks Loretta for sharing with us today. I know you have been a wonderful encourager to many writers as well as myself. Thank you

  3. This is the key "The key is don't let anything someone says deter you from writing your book. Stick to your plans. Write the book." Excellent advice!!! Thank you!

    1. Thank you Terri. I too believe it is important to not let anything or anyone deter us from writing.

  4. From the get-go I told people I was writing a book...of course that book took over ten years to get published...but most people were encouraging. And I try to encourage new writers as well.

    1. Thank you Patricia. It is so special to a writer when a published author gives them encouragement. It is a "big" boost.