March 9, 2021

Mid-South Christian Writers Virtual Conference ~ Don't Miss

Patricia Bradley 

I’m excited to announce we’re having a virtual writer’s conference!

WHO? MidSouth Christian Writers Conference

Keynote? The AWESOME Rachel Hauck!

WHEN?  Saturday, March 20, 2021…unless you’d like to also attend the pre-conference workshops which will be March 19. For more details check out the website. But first a word about virtual conferences.

A virtual conference? I hear the groanings already, but have you ever been to a virtual writers conference? These days, it’s the only kind I’ve found, and I’ve learned when handed lemons, make lemonade! So…while I love in-person conferences, there are advantages to a virtual one.

You can attend a virtual conference at home in your pajamas if you want to. Doesn’t that sound heavenly to all you introverted writers out there? And for the extroverts like me, there will be chats where we can connect to all our friends!

At an in-person conference, there’s no way to take all the workshops offered, but when you attend a virtual conference, you get access to all the sessions for a limited time—like six months. For example…at the MidSouth Christian Writers Conference there are twelve sessions with a mixture of fiction and non-fiction topics ranging from how to indie publish and writing for children to writing dialogue (Rachel Hauck is teaching this one!) and many more. You can attend four live sessions and later watch the others at your leisure (in your pjs). Here’s a link to the schedule.

The total cost is so much less than an in-person conference. Twelve workshops for $45! (And no hotel costs!) And if you want to attend the Friday sessions (I’m teaching one on your characters journey) there are four 3-hour intensive sessions for an additional $35 each. Like the workshops of Saturday, you can attend one and have access to the others later. That’s a lot of craft to grab hold of.

At the MidSouth Christian Writers Conference, you’ll get lots of encouragement…and I almost forgot! You’ll get an opportunity to hear from editors and agents on what they’re looking for, and an opportunity to submit a one-sheet to the editor or agent of your choice. If you’re not sure what a One-Sheet is, check out Workshop Session 2 with Bethany Jett. You’ll learn how to create a One-Sheet that will grab that editor or agent’s attention.

So, what are you waiting for? Time is running out, and we have only so many attendees that we can take. Click here for more information on the conference.

                                                                     Patricia Bradley