June 25, 2019

Southern Writers Magazine’s 2019 Summer Catalog

By Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor for Southern Writers Magazine

It’s that time of year for Southern Writers Magazine’s Summer Catalog. Summer is when book lovers are looking for books to entertain them on vacation. Make sure your book is one of these. To showcase and promote your book(s) in the “Summer Catalog” reserve your space now. Deadline is July 1st.  You can submit to me at

It’s time for you to shine and sell your books as those authors did in our Spring Catalog seen here at this link.

Author's have chosen books to bring the reader enjoyment. Make sure you have these books for your reading pleasure.

We are giving "Special Summer Rates" for all authors.

Business Card Size Ad will be $20.00    Allows a 35-50 word blurb and jpeg of book

Quarter Page Ad will be $40.00          Allows a 50-75 word blurb and jpeg of book

Half Page Ad will be $75.00              Allows a 150 word blurb and jpeg of book

Full Page Ad will be $125.00            Allows 200-250 word blurb and jpeg of book

You will be marketed in the online catalog and on our official blog, Suite T (over 3.5+ million views) along with promoting it on Southern Writer’s social medias, newsletters, libraries, book clubs and writer's groups––just to name a few. We can link your book to your author's Amazon page so people can immediately go to your book and buy it.

The authors in the 2019 Summer Catalog will be promoting it on their websites/blogs, social medias, family and friends as well. 

Deadline to reserve is July 1, 2019. Be sure your book is seen by the readers. Reserve your space now.

Space is limited so send your blurb, website and jpeg of your book(s) to me at and let us know which ad you would like. We look forward to hearing from you and including your book in Southern Writers Magazine's Summer catalog!

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