Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Billion Dollar Lottery Still in Play

By Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor & Annette Cole Mastron, Communications Director for Southern Writers Magazine

So, You Won the Lottery???

Well I’m sure you have heard the news of a $1.6 Billion MegaMillion Jackpot and the Powerball are still in play. And I am sure you have been asked, should you win, what would you do with the money? And again, I’m sure the odds are you have thought about what you would do with the money if you win. I have, and I not only enjoy the thought of what I might do with the money but what would others do with the money. The thing I hear first and foremost is I’d quit my job. Then I hear I’d buy a new home, spend it on my family and give to a charity. Then there are what some may call the ridicules: Travel to space, Start/buy your own sports team, Buy a plane and fly around the world, Build a casino in Las Vegas and name it after yourself, Pay for college, Buy a private island, Buy a snow machine and every year give a new city a white Christmas, Build a water slide inside your home, Put an ATM in your kitchen and, of course, Build an underground luxury panic room.

Now, that is fun but some of these are hard to comprehend even if you did have a $BILLION.  My question to you is, “When you win the $1.6 Billion Lottery will you continue to write?”

The lottery pot of a billion plus dollars made me think of one of my favorite book series written by Mary Higgins Clark. The amateur detective protagonists are married lottery winners who solve crimes that seem to find them. The protagonist couple have old-fashioned, memorable names, Alvirah and Willy. I often wondered if a lottery win inspired her book series. My research hasn’t found anything to indicate that as her inspiration for the lottery series. 

So, tonight as you check your numbers with us think about these questions. Dream big. Write it down. As an author, can you imagine writing a book after you win a billion dollars? What would it be about? With the resources of millions at your fingertips how would you market the book? Would you turn your book into a movie?

It’s sure fun to think about. We would love to hear from you.