October 16, 2018

Hurricane Michael’s Toll on our Authors and Friends

By Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor for Southern Writers Magazine

Each of us have a family member, friend or acquaintance that suffered from the damage of Hurricane Michael. Those that can have let others know they are safe. It is the ones we have yet to hear from that are a concern. I do realize during a time of disaster most are focused on survival and recovery not reporting their status to us. I did hear from two friends of Southern Writers Magazine this week, both on their Facebook post after the storm. Both were on the western edge of the storm. Although there was damage and power outages they felt blessed but concerned about their friends to the east.  I hope you take to heart their words. The first is from Sundog Books in the popular 30A area of Florida. 

They posted a picture of the bookstore after the storm. See a recent SuiteT blog about them. “Thank you endlessly for all of the kind words and prayers. Our little slice of paradise was lucky, but our friends to the east have suffered catastrophic damage. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers and help in any way that you can. We will be closed until further notice while we get the Sundog crew back safely home and await power restoration.

Thanks again to all of you. You’re the best.” Sundog Books

The second was a beautiful sentiment from Author, Artist and Musician Nancy Veldman. Nancy owns Magnolia House Lifestyle Store in Sandestin’s Grand Boulevard Town Center in Miramar Beach, FL There is also a recent Suite T blog highlighting Nancy and her shop at this link

”It’s night time for us all. You know how sometimes your bones are tired? Well, tonight I am bone tired. Pushed hard today, both mentally and physically... it felt good at the time.. but now, well, I am sitting in my chair with my feet propped up, thankful to just be alive. What a week we've had ... so many people suffered.... all of us on our knees praying ..for those who don't have a home tonight... no where to go... not sure where they will turn for help..or how they will figure it all out.... We never know what life will throw at us.. all of us at one time or another have experienced a tough time.... one that sucked the air out of us... but tonight I only know one thing for sure, that God, our God is with us. He will see us through all of it... the good, the bad and the ugly. He has not forgotten anyone. Reach out and help.. give what you can... and I know without a doubt God will lift up those who were knocked down.. either on His own or through us if we are willing. Loving you tonight. Stay close and rest your bones, as I will ... on this cool fall-feeling night.” Nancy Veldman

If you were in the path of Michael let us know how you are doing. Our hope and prayers are that all are safe. 

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