April 14, 2017

Stock Photography – Bringing Stories to Life

By MJ Harper

They say never judge a book by its cover. While that certainly applies to people, we all know it doesn’t work for books. Of course a reader judges by the cover—as well they should. And just like any first impression, and author wants the cover to speak to the reader. A cover should catch the eye, tell the reader the genre, and state something about what the story is about—all in a matter of a one second glance. The object is to get the reader to stop and look closer.

A good cover artist is the first step to securing that knockout cover. Second, you should find the right model. You’ll want the model to fit your description of your character(s) because readers really hate it when the person on the cover isn’t as they are described in the book. Stock photography is a great option to find the character you need in the appropriate outfit. To really go that extra mile, you can set up a custom shoot with a photography company so that you can get exactly the look you envision.
At Period Stock, we specialize in historical fiction photography. 

We take great care in coming up with 19th century custom-designed outfits. We offer authors not only ready-to-go stock photography with a variety of models (we strive for new models every couple of shoots so that you always have fresh faces to choose from) but we also offer the option for authors to request a custom or exclusive photo shoot.

With a custom shoot, authors can choose the model’s look and outfit, as well as just the right pose for what they envision for their covers. Authors can opt for a shoot that allows us to use the shots they didn’t choose on our site for a very affordable price, or for a completely unique look, authors can participate in an exclusive shoot with us and guarantee that the chosen cover model and outfit will be completely exclusive to your cover. If you are interested in what we offer, you can find out more here:

Remember that the cover is the first thing your reader sees. Be sure that it is so compelling that they can’t help but pick it to see the amazing story inside.
MJ Harper is the president of, a stock photography site that specializes in 19th century stock photography for historical book covers. MJ loves historical fiction and the classic styles of the 1800s and enjoys working with authors, cover artists, and models to make stories come to life! 

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