November 2, 2016

Never Give Up!

By Phyllis f. McManus

My husband and I will soon be celebrating our 48th wedding anniversary. We no longer call our advanced age "old." We have decided to call it gracefully entering "adulthood." This gives me peace of mind when I receive phone calls from telemarketer's trying to sell me more life insurance or a plan for my final days.

Goodness, this Southern lady might get hit  by a truck while doing my 5 mile jog or I might slip on the diving board while swimming my 25 laps for the day. OK, I'm really not doing either one of those things, but I guess I could if I at least tried.

Make yourself a bucket list and try to achieve one of your goals at least once a month. This will help keep your mind strong, your heart ticking and a pep in your step. Never let old age creep into your mind and destroy your happiness. Remember turning that corner into adulthood is a blessing we are given.  There are endless possibilities in this world. 

Go out and live your life to the fullest. It might be writing the next best seller or achieving a goal of reading a large number of books. It's your choice, but enjoy what ever path your journey takes you.
Phyllis f. McManus is a Southern Fiction writer who enjoys living in North Carolina. She is active in public speaking giving people a glimpse on how writing has helped her through a tragic situation in her life. Her books include "Forever Girl," "The Long Dirt Road," "The Lie That Binds," " The Ghost of Deep Gap," " Do I Know Me?," "The Southern Belle Breakfast Club," "Southern Secrets," and "Southern Patchwork Quilt." Her books are found on Amazon/, Barnes and Noble,, Goodreads and several book stores and libraries.
She can be found on Facebook as Author Phyllis f. McManus.

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