October 20, 2016

The Greatest Fiction Known to Man

By Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor for Southern Writers Magazine

Those of you that are Social Media savvy can instantly spot a post that is from a tormented soul telling the world how everything in their life is rainbows and roses. How they love their perfect spouse and family and all is well with the world. Their post are so sugary sweet that it is apparent they are trying to convince the world and themselves they are living the life of perfection. I know such individuals and thought of them while watching a new television program called Designated Survivor. It reminded me of these fantastic fiction writers when one of the characters made the statement,

“Sometimes it is easier to lie to the world than to be truthful with yourself.”

This is one of those situations which you can only say, “Bless their hearts.”

In our current political atmosphere this phrase could also ring true. Having witnessed on a daily basis the workings of the government hand in hand with the political reasoning for each and every move I was shocked at the truth verses the media reporting at the end of the day. We at home are many times told what the media or powers at be want us to know or think. Unfortunately in both cases many times we do believe what we are presented with. This tells me this is the greatest example of fiction known to man. So what can we as writers learn from this?

The first thing I always notice is they tell their story without any obligation to the truth. They are totally committed to what they are presenting without any regard to the truth. No problem because after all this is fiction, right? With fiction the truth really doesn’t matter. You can go anywhere you like with it.

The second thing I see is they stay on focus and every post; every comment and every word are taking you in the direction they want you to go. It’s all said with the final result in mind. The final result being whatever it is they want you to believe. They stay on course with every word.

The third thing that really seems to free them up to write what they want is they feel no accountability toward anyone or anything. To write without accountability to any person or thing is an unbelievable freedom. No concerns, no worries, no problems! Wow what freedom!

So take some time to look over some of these social post and media promos and if you are privy to the truth of the matter you can see the creativeness and skill of these fiction writers living among us. 

We all have something there we can learn from and move forward with our fiction writing skills. And remember this is fiction, enjoy the freedom and write!

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