August 29, 2012

eBook Sales Surpass Print Books!

by Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief

Global Post is an online US news company that focuses on international news. Their stated goal is "to redefine international news for the digital age."

Recently their headlines stated “Kindle eBook Sales Surpass Those of Print Books.", the UK's biggest bookseller, claimed the eBook sales herald a reading "renaissance" in the region.
The Guardian is a British national daily newspaper founded 1821 and said, “It seems the old leather bound's days are numbered. One hundred and 14 e-books are downloaded for every 100 hardback and paperback books sold by Amazon UK. That’s not including free e-books.
“These digital readers appear to be voracious: the average Kindler buys as many as four times the number of books than before buying the gadget,” said the BBC
“The company sold two million electronic editions of the crazy-popular novel "Fifty Shades of Grey" in only four months.
“However," the BBC continues, "these tech-savvy readers are not limiting themselves to mere reading. They're also publishing up the wazooAmazon UK cited a whopping 400 percent increase Kindle Direct Publishing in the last year.".
And they're reading one another's self-published works. Three out of the top 10 most popular Kindle authors of the year came by way of Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing, this is according to the BBC.
According to GoodEReader, “Publishing companies are seeing a massive influx in digital revenue in 2012."
While some of us still want to hold the book we are reading in our hands, others are happy to be part of the eBook frenzy. Authors now are having to make decisions on whether to go the eBook route or the printed book route. I firmly believe it is time to do both. This way you will have two avenues of sales.When you talk with your publisher, be sure this subject is brought up. If they aren’t going to do an eBook, then I suggest you opt to do it yourself.
Have you published an eBook? What was your experience?

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