Monday, August 6, 2012

Beginner's Luck? I don't think so

by Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor

Elizabeth B. Elliott, Cheryl Hilderbrand and Sherry Perkins grace the cover of our SouthernWriters Short Stories from the South, Special Edition. Elizabeth was our First Place Winner with Cheryl Second Place and Sherry Third place. They, along with the Top Ten Finalists, had some amazing stories of humor, drama, mystery and romance. Their stories touched the heart and filled the soul with emotion. Reading them has been enjoyable and a study in imagination, creativity and storytelling. All are fantastic and their stories are something I will share with others.

I am told when Elizabeth was contacted to inform her she had won; she was very excited and exclaimed this was her first time to submit a story. Considering the brilliance of her writing and the emotion of the story, that was amazing to hear. Some may call it beginner's luck but after you read her story you will know that cannot be. Apparently Elizabeth’s talent has been there all along but Elizabeth is just now sharing it with the world. I feel we are fortunate that she did and even more fortunate that she chose Southern Writers Short Stories from the South to debut her talent.

This special issue of Short Stories from the South epitomizes the mission of Southern Writers. We exist to nurture and encourage writers, promote and market their books and build a network of authors. I think all would agree this anthology of short stories touches on all we endeavor to achieve. After reading this special issue I hope you will be encouraged and will encourage others to take that next step like Elizabeth B. Elliott did. Southern Writers is intent on making opportunities available. We hope you are as intent on sharing your talent with the world. If you are, we are here for you.

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