May 17, 2012

Forget Me Not

by Annette Cole Mastron

What inspires or reminds you to write daily? For me, it is a free app for my smartphone/tablet called "Vocabology". This is not an ad for a particular app; just the sharing of a cool tool that works for this writer.

Life tends to evolve daily and without a reminder, I will forget to write, daily. Like you I concoct stories in my head all the time but I have to be reminded to write them down. Once the app is downloaded you have an option to have a reminder sent to "feed your brain". Today, I open the app and was presented with words of the day "skulk" from Merrian-Webster Dictionary, "shower fluffer" from Urban Dictionary, "intromit" from, "abridge" from Yahoo Education Word of the Day, "windpipe" from TheFreeDictionary Word of the Day, "triangulate" from Wordsmith.Org Word of the Day. There are also Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese words of the day. All words have options of the normal word origin, definition, parts if speech, etc. and there is even an option to hear the word pronounced, which comes in handy towards finding the voice of your writing. Love that all these options come to my phone and remind me to write.

So yes, it's time to write using the words of the day. After being intromited into a shower fluffer when my windpipe was struck by a temperature change, I had to abridge my time under the water. Skulking out of the bedroom fully clothed it was time to triangulate the chores of the day. Thus a story is born.

Stop laughing and pick up your pen or device and begin. Are you writing, yet?

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