December 15, 2023

There Were No Elves?


Every Christmas, Santa and his Missus, working all by themselves, were getting overwhelmed. Year after year, more and more toys had to be made on time for Christmas for all the world's children. But how could they manage to keep up? Back then, there were no elves to help them.
How and why did the Elves choose to join up every Christmas with Santa and his Missus to meet their yearly challenge?

Find out the secret backstory of how and why the Elves became Santa's reliable band of toy-making volunteers and helped save the day!

Dr. David Charney
Originally, the germ of this song idea came to Dr. Charney when he was a freshman medical student over 50 years ago. However, because of many intervening life events, Dr. Charney did not move forward with his concept until only a few months ago, when he was finally able to turn his attention t­­­o writing the song. Once the lyrics were written, Dr. Charney realized he had also written a children’s book. He decided it would be better to start with the book, which after an enormous amount of work, is now self-published. With that accomplished, he is pivoting to getting the song version produced so that both the book and song get released at the same time to reinforce each other. The hope is that in future Christmas seasons, both book and song will become a valued part of popular culture.

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