December 28, 2023

New Beginnings?

They say a full moon on Christmas Day signals a time of new beginnings...

Everyone knows that Christmas in Holly Pointe, Vermont, the Capital of Christmas Kindness, is a big deal. The Events! The Traditions! The Tourists! This year Melinda Kelly wants to shake things up. She’ll trade snow for sand and spend the holidays in sunny Mexico.

A destination wedding in Mexico is the ultimate Christmas vacation--unless you're Jack McPherson, the groom is your brother, and the bride is your ex-fiancée. While Jack wishes them the best, this holiday has awkward written all over it.

When a system-wide computer snafu cancels all flights, the airport is in chaos. Jack manages to snag the last available rental car and offers Melinda a ride. Unless she wants to wait for Rudolph to swoop in and fly her home, Melinda's best chance to get back to her family for Christmas is Jack.

As she and the most charming Jack McPherson navigate unexpected adventures on the journey home then embrace all that Holly Pointe has to offer, they will discover that sometimes the best gifts are the ones never expected. And that a Christmas moon, one that signals new beginnings, is shining its light directly on them.

Cindy Kirk writes uplifting, charming, and totally heartwarming stories. An eternal optimist, her emotionally satisfying stories are about real people in the context of home and family.

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