October 10, 2022

Meet Ellie Holcomb and Her New Children's Book

Ellie Holcomb

Meet Ellie Holcomb. Not only is she a talented singer/songwriter but now  has added author to those talents. She is writing stories for children.  The book below, Who Sang the First Song? is a precious book to share with children. They hear so many things in the world they live in that is scary. Sharing good books with them takes them by the hand to experience a better place.

Award-winning singer/songwriter and author Ellie Holcomb began her musical career by touring the country with her husband in the Americana band Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. Her honest voice and rich lyrics shined on her first solo album and deemed her the Best New Artist at the 2014 Dove Awards, followed by the hope-inducing Red Sea Road (2017) album and the critically acclaimed album Canyon (2021). 

In 2018, she created a new generation of little fans with her first children’s book and album: Who Sang the First Song? and Don't Forget to Remember, each with companion children's music. Ellie, her husband, Drew, and their three children live and make music in Nashville, TN

Was it the flowers? The waves or the moon? Dove Award-winning recording artist Ellie Holcomb answers with a lovely lyrical tale, one that reveals that God our Maker sang the first song, and He created us all with a song to sing.

Her newest children's book, is What does joy sound like?

Does it sound like falling snow, or a kiss on your cheek? Award-winning recording artist Ellie Holcomb explores this question through a delightful collection of Christmastime scenes, leading up to the discovery that joy sounds like the angels singing that Jesus had been born.

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