November 27, 2018

Beach Writing in the Winter

By Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor for Southern Writers Magazine

Many authors have been known to do their writing near the water. Whether it be a lake, stream or ocean it seems that being near the water gives you a tranquility and a better focus on your writing. I have always imagined there were two places that seemed to cleanse my soul. A cool clear trout stream and the sound of the waves on a beach. Scientist tell us there may be more to this feeling than our imaginations.
·         Scientist studied the benefits of beach going and have found it does promote our health. Some of the benefits are from the minerals in the seawater itself. Potassium and magnesium help the immune system while breathing in the salty air has respiratory benefits that promote a better night’s sleep.
·         If you experience a calm and relaxation feeling from sitting on the beach looking at the blue of the water and sky and experiencing the sounds of the waves there is a reason. The nervous system is slowed down and the brain is going through a de-stimulating process. It’s a combination of the Vitamin D intake and the meditative surroundings of the beach.
·         The combination of the beach experience can change the frequency of our brain waves. The meditative feelings promote increased focus, awareness and a clearer head. It is said this can last long after you leave the beach.
·         Negative ions fill the salty sea air. When you breathe them in, they help balance out the chemicals in our brain. Thus, we feel more relaxed, happier and less stressed.

Being a part of a beach going family, three to five weeks a year, it’s good to know scientifically of these benefits for myself and my family. Not that we need an excuse but this is a good one and it is scientifically proven, and I will use it. Any time of the year is good for beach writing but the winter beach is my favorite for several reasons. Besides the scientific benefits we just covered the winter beach has many others.
·         The crowds are not there. September thru March you have very few people to compete with for beach space, parking space, restaurants and the like. This avoids the tourist stress if that tends to bother you.
·         September to March there is a different crowd from the Summer and Spring Break crowd. It’s the older crowd. Many retirees which are laid back and relaxed. There are few if any children. The crowd that is there are not the people that would normally tend to distract you from your relaxation and focus.
·         Sunsets are beautiful. Remembering nature has four seasons may be difficult to do in the tropical locations but it remains, each season is different even in the tropics. One giveaway is the sunsets. East is east and west is west and the sunset moves. Sunsets tend to be more over the water in the fall. In the summer months they are further to the west.
·         Perfect weather. Beaches are warm but not hot. There are times the water is warmer in September, October and November than it is in March. Even if the air is cool and crisp it has all the benefits of summer beach air without the heat.
·         And just as important if you are renting, prices are great so you may have an opportunity to stay longer.

The winter beach has been a great place to slow down and meet people as well. We have made friends there that we look forward to seeing each visit.

Now that you know of all the benefits, what are you waiting for? Good writing and  I’ll see you at the beach!

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