December 2, 2013

Have You Tried Executive Fiction?

By J. Saint James

What is executive fiction, you ask? Well it is a term I created, not only to describe the length of the book but also the possible audience.  The executive book is in the novella page range. 

Books of this size, like The LAB: THE CLEANSE BEGINS, have all the impact of a longer novel but is more suited to our busy life styles.  So the busy on the go professional, executive, that loves a smart science fiction adventure or thriller, will find the executive fiction size a good fit.  Executive fiction has all the action, suspense, adventure, and thrills in small package.  Future LAB installments will also follow the executive fiction form.

I like this length. I am a busy person that likes a good story but with little time. The executive fiction form provides the full story intrigue without getting bogged down in too much minutia or needless description. This is fine if you have the time but does not further the plot.  The details are left to the reader’s imagination.  I hope the length makes THE LAB books easily adapted to a movie script leaving the details to the creative energy of a talented director. 

The executive term is similar to the executive summary in a magazine article.  The summary provides the key take a ways without all the research detail. The executive length is perfect for a cross-country plane ride, or a quick few hours on the weekend. Hey, that is a great idea, to sell the executive fiction in airports.
J. Saint James is a professor at a small private school in the South West United States. Her degrees are in business management and accounting and includes a PhD, CPA. She has three kids and one grandchild. The second Lab book is almost complete along with the research and outline of the third and fourth Lab installments.  J. also, write twisted short stories.  Two are published together for Kindle, titled “”.
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