Thursday, April 18, 2013

Do You Do Poetry, Everyday?

By Annette Cole Mastron, Communications Director For Southern Writers Magazine

Looking around for versions of poetry to celebrate April being poetry month. I realized I "do" a form of poetry, everyday. Betting you might "do" poetry everyday,too; maybe even in the shower. Do you sing in the shower or in your car?

Confession time, I like country music. Why? Unlike some music genres, country music tells a vivid three-minute story in poetry set to music. Lyric writers don't have the luxury of 2500 word developed story. They must covey the story in poetry in incredibly tightly-written lyrics. Country songs tell a dramatic tale with descriptive prose. Country music lyrics give a snippet of everyday life. Poetic words set to music conjure immediate images in the listener's mind. The musically set poetry makes the mind recall the words when the tune starts. Much like readers do when they quote a favorite book.

Here are some examples of everyday stories told through country prose and music. To get the full impact of the importance of the words, I suggest you click on the links and close your eyes as the music starts. Can you see the story as it unfolds as the song progresses? Did you see the crime? His plan and the prison in "Ol' Red" sung by Blake Shelton? His escape?

Did you see the story in your mind from "Two Black Cadillacs" sung by Carrie Underwood? 
This one caught me by surprise and I had to hear it again to make sure I heard what I thought I heard. Have you ever read a book and had to re-read a section to make sure you caught all the clues?
Vicki Lawrence first told the story, "The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia" and Reba McEntire has an updated version. Can you envision the "big bellied sheriff"? Her music video is great and is told as a flashback. How creative!

Of course, not all country music project a crime theme here are some links that have other tightly written poetic stories; 
"My Front Porch Lookin In" By Lonestar"Fly Over States" By Jason Aldean, "Something Like That" By Tim Mcgraw,and "This" By Darius Rucker

Start listening to some country stations and get in the poetry mode through various country artists. Why not try your hand at writing poems? Then submit them to the country music publishers. You never know, your words might be the next big country hit. 

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