July 11, 2012

Getting the Word Out

by Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief

I hope you are celebrating our anniversary with us this month. It is so exciting to see the manifestation of something you create. I know you experience the same feeling every time you have a new book published and hold it in your hands for the first time.

Southern Writers has had the privilege to meet wonderful authors and be part of their excitement when their books are published and awards received. It has been our pleasure to promote 178 authors our first year.
We have created many venues for authors to promote their books, such as Suite T, the author’s blog. Here we come and blog about writing and all the facets connected to it. This gives authors another place to interact with each other and to help each other. 

Becoming a member of Southern Writers family, you will find people who work to promote your books and promote you as authors. The author’s stage, Open Mic Nite, is such a great place to promote that new award received; the book signing event; announcing the debut date of your new book along with the cover. Introduce yourself here using your bio.  There are many things you can put here about you and your books. We even included audio for you to use to enhance the promotion of that book.  You can then take that link and post it on your social media, blog and or website. This gives your fans, followers, editors, agents and publishers another venue for you.

The same is true of our newest promotional tools Take Five and Must Read TV. These venues are fantastic to use to give your followers more information about you and your books. Reading from a chapter in your book is perfect to entice people to want to buy your book. They get to hear your voice style and from that five minute teaser they want to buy that book to learn what happens. Take Five is a great way to give people a treat. It’s a great way to sell a book.

And you want won’t to miss putting your book trailer on Must Read TV or how about a TV interview you've done? Readers love to see videos. People are visual; we want to see what we are buying. 

Take the links to these appearances and use them on your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Authors know the more places they have their name and their book’s name appear, the higher their internet ratings go and the more prominent they'll be in search engines. 
Let us help promote you and your book.  Become a member of the Southern Writers family and take advantage of all the promotional tools we've created to help you promote your writing and sell more books.

To get started, here is your link to our free online anniversary issue: 

We hope you enjoy this gift. And we hope to see you in Southern Writers soon!

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