May 2, 2012

Help Others; Help You

by Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief

Did you know there is a rule in life that is at the core of achieving what you want? Of winning? Would you believe it has to do with the kind of support you get from other people?
It’s very true. If you want examples here are a few. The sales representative who is selling his wares…if people do not buy them he fails to bring home a paycheck. Here’s a good one, what about the CEO of a company who tells his executive what he wants carried out who in turn tells the employees what they should do to make this happen and they fail to do it. Guess the executive along with some employees will get the hook!
You have to make sure you have the right thinking toward other people if you want them to have the right thinking toward you. It’s our nature to do things for people we like. We will buy their product, we will take their advice, and we will get on their bandwagon and even help elect them. However, if we don’t like them, we will not help…won’t lift a finger.
If there were two people that you were interviewing for a job, one came across as likable,  personable, charming, and the other came across as stodgy, whiny, critical you would definitely hire the first one even if he did not have the experience and credentials the second one had.
That is why it is so important to be sure and be kind to people, help them, and care about others. It comes across in your face and your attitude. Want to sell more books? Help other authors sell their books. Go for it!

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