November 14, 2011

Strict-ly Business

by Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor

The Association of American Publishers reported strong growth in year-to-year book sales in 2010. In 2010 there was $11,670,000 in sales marking a 3.6% increase versus the calendar year 2009. E-book sales continued to break records with a 164.4% gains for 2010. $11.67 Billion is an amazing amount of money for any industry especially in a time of economic challenges for most everyone. So the question might be what does that mean for each of us?

These large numbers should remind us that we are a part, whether large or small, of a major money maker in our nation. Our part may be as simple as one that purchases a book to read in our leisure time or as complicated as a writer, editor, agent or publisher. No matter our part we must remember it is a business.    

Many times we as writers get caught up in our emotions and feel what we have written is our baby. We want to nurture and coddle it but like our children we must let our work experience the world of publishing. It can be painful and emotional at times but it is a part of the business, the business that supports us and allows us the luxury of expressing ourselves in thought on printed page.

Many authors will tell you they seldom have the choice of titles. Many are great writers but aren’t the best at choosing titles. As a matter of fact each week I am anxious to see what the title for this blog turns out to be. Our editors here can be merciless. The truth is no matter the decision made by the “powers that be” I am glad to be a part of this wonderful industry. I must remember there are times it is “strictly business” and be thankful to be a part of it.

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