November 29, 2023

Don't Miss Special Price of $0.99 for Truth: A Christian Thriller Duology

From November 29 through December 5, TRUTH: A CHRISTIAN THRILLER DUOLOGY, a special Kindle E-Book edition of the TRUTH series, is on sale for only $0.99 on Amazon:

Two novels collide, unleashing a non-stop thrill ride filled with suspense, plot twists, edge-of-your-seat action, love, and laughs with a dystopian edge. In TRUTH: A Christian Thriller Duology, TRUTH IN THE NAME and TRUTH IN THE WORD unite to culminate a page-turner with a powerful message of faith that brings to life the bare essence of what it means to truly know God.

Deceit… Corruption… Mind control… A sinister plot with a ticking clock…

Inside this mountain of lies, will Ellie uncover the TRUTH before time runs out?

What if someone erased your memory? Would you still know God? In TRUTH IN THE NAME, Ellie’s world was ripped apart two years earlier when her sister disappeared. Now, the President has selected Ellie for a position in his new secret sect that is supposed to put an end to violent crime. However, she must leave everyone and everything she knows without a word. At the training facility, Ellie discovers this mission is not as it seems. She finds herself immersed in a race against the clock to save the world and the man of her dreams.

If the enemy came to lay his claim, would you bear the seal of the Holiest Name? In TRUTH IN THE WORD, Ellie is living the life of her dreams. Meanwhile, outbreaks of violence are claiming innocent lives across the country, and the perpetrators all have one thing in common. They were all victims in President Denali’s training facility. Ellie is forced to return for testing, and soon, her hopes for a quick return home are shattered.

Ellie may have been chosen as a pawn by the President, but her presence in the facility just might be an assignment from God.

F. D. Adkins is a Christian fiction author and freelance writer. Her hope is to pass along the comfort that comes from having a personal relationship with Jesus while offering her readers a brief escape from life’s struggles through an action-packed story. In other words, her passion is sharing her faith through fiction.

She currently has two Christian Suspense Thriller novels, TRUTH IN THE NAME and TRUTH IN THE WORD. Recently, TRUTH IN THE NAME received third place in the Selah Awards in the category of ‘First Novel’. She has had freelance articles published in FOCUS ON THE FAMILY magazine and FAITH ON EVERY CORNER magazine. In addition, F. D. Adkins posts every Monday to a faith blog on her website.

Find out more about her writing, check out her weekly Bible study reflections, and sign up for her free monthly newsletter on her website at In addition, you can find all of her social media links, author interviews, and articles on her linktree at


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