September 26, 2023

Do You Have Giants To Slay?

Discover timeless truths to slay your giants. Like the faithful in Hebrews 11, you can become mighty in battle.

Loss and intimidation are not new to God’s people. What if you had to choose between―

- Drowning your baby or letting your worst enemy raise him?
- Bowing before an idol or being thrown into a fiery furnace?
- Compromising your convictions or being tossed to the lions?
- Living in fear or leading ill-equipped volunteers against an intimidating enemy?

The believers who faced these decisions felt their limitations. Yet they found strength in the Lord. You can too. Using the men and women highlighted in the last half of Hebrews 11, Little Strength, Big God will help you turn your weaknesses into strengths to accomplish God’s purpose in your life. When trouble attacks, you don’t need a bigger God―you need clearer vision. Discover the transforming power of a God greater than your Goliaths and live strong now.

Debbie W. Wilson (, Bible teacher and former counselor, has helped hundreds of women find victory in life's battles. Known for her fresh insights and ability to make the Bible come alive, Debbie mixes wit, insight, and Spirit-filled encouragement to inspire her readers to trust God with their challenges.

Her years with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) took her from Boston to Southern California with stops in Indiana and Oklahoma. She and her husband, Larry, founded Lighthouse Ministries in 1991 and live in North Carolina with their two grown children and two standard poodles.

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