February 20, 2023

Are You Tenacious and Self-Reliant?

If you are tenacious and self-reliant then there is a possiblity you can be a female sleuth!

The Madison Public Library in Wisconsin stated the past few years have shown an increase in the number of mysteries featuring a woman sleuth.(As we all know a sleuth is a person who investigates crimes.) This may be a police officer and or a private detective; however, books and movies and series have been coming out for years showing a woman sleuth as a professor, attorney, nun, librarian, doctor, and even an office worker. We have hair salon owners, tea shop owners, a woman who knits and a housewife. You name it and odds are someone has written a book about that profession.

The one thing all have in common is they are tenacious, self-reliant and I believe nosy. Regardless of who tries to prevent them from sleuthing they will not be stopped until they find out "who done-it".

Here are some of the new releases with "Female Sleuths":

J. D. Robb's new book, Encore in Death with Eve Dallas. The homicide cop with a passion for justice returns in the captivating crime thriller series by the #1 New York Times bestselling author. It was a glittering event full of A-listers, hosted by Eliza Lane and Brant Fitzhugh, a celebrity couple who’d conquered both Hollywood and Broadway. And now Eve Dallas has made her entrance—but not as a guest. After raising a toast, Fitzhugh fell to the floor and died, with physical symptoms pointing to cyanide, and the police have crashed the party.

Mary Stone and Lori Rhodes new book, Shadow's Force (Shadow Island FBI Mystery) with Sheriff Rebecca West. Twelve hours earlier, Interim Sheriff Rebecca West was enjoying a casual lunchtime burger. Now she’s preparing for a hurricane headed straight for Shadow Island. While hauling sandbags and calming town officials, the last thing she needs is a stunned man stumbling into the sheriff’s department. Covered in blood.

Hope Callaghan's new book, Divine Double Trouble (Divine Mystery Series #10.) with Joanna Pepperdine. Shortly after completing Joanna Pepperdine’s “Second Chance” program for former female inmates, Leah becomes a suspect in the murder of her new supervisor. Meanwhile, double trouble has arrived in the form of twin sisters. Could one of them hold the key to clearing Leah’s name?Determined to help clear Leah’s name, Jo soon realizes the new resident’s special challenge might actually be a “Divine” gift and the key to solving the mystery. Recipe included!

Cathy Pickens new book Murder at Luna Lake ( Blue Ridge Mountain Mystery) with Attorney Avery Andrews. Andrews has returned to her humdrum hometown of Dacus, South Carolina, leaving her job at a powerful law firm in the rearview mirror. But with her Donna Karan suits she’s struggling to fit back in. Is it still a place she’s able to call home now that she’s swapped her prestigious clients for high school bullies and formidable aunts?She finds sanctuary in her grandfather’s cabin on Luna Lake until police arrive to investigate a mysterious rumor.But more than secrets lie beneath the dark surface of Luna Lake . . .A body is pulled out of the murky waters and Avery finds herself drawn into the investigation.

Do you enjoy reading the books headed by "Female Sleuths"? 

This week we will be looking at authors and their "Female Sleuth's".

Strand Magazine posted an article naming the "Top Ten Female Sleuths" by Melinda Leigh March 30, 2020...

Check out tomorrow's post to see who the top ten author's and their "Female Sleuths" are.

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