January 9, 2023

Telling Their Stories ~ Honoring our Veterans


K. Michael (Mike) Ware

What an honor it is for me to write the stories of American’s unsung military veterans.

For the last decade while volunteering with Diane Hight’s Forever Young Veterans Organization, I spent hundreds of hours listening to the personal war stories of the ‘average’ soldier, sailor,airmen, Marine and Coast Guardsman.

I escorted WWII, Korea and Vietnam veterans to Europe,Washington DC, New Orleans, and Pearl Harbor. I visited with them in their homes, in managed care facilities, and during honor ceremonies. 

In many cases, I listened as they reminisced about their life as they entered end of life care. In the latter, I became aware their stories were disappearing at a rapid rate and needed to be recorded for future generations.

I soon found writing their stories was a daunting task, especially with a word limit for their significant life events were many. Foremost, my words needed to tell their true story and honor their sacrifice for our great nation. I strived to tell the story through their eyes—the hardships, the glee of comradeship, the fear of battle, the taste of death be it a fellow comrade
or an enemy, and their challenges of transitioning back to civilian life. I wanted to make the veteran proud of his or her accomplishments and the world to recognize the debt we owe them for their unselfish service to the cause of freedom. 

I found myself immersed in their world and wondered if I could have served so gallantly.

A daunting task…but one worth every second spent in their presence be it 
listening to their words in person or pounding the keyboard at home. I am a far better citizen.

K. Michael Ware is a retired Air Force fighter pilot and airline pilot. He is a published author and motivational speaker. His passions include volunteering, writing, and golf. He and wife Suzanne have been married 45+ years, have three married children and 10 grandchildren. He resides in Travelers Rest, SC.


  1. Such a wonderful service, Mike. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Thank you Mike for all you did to get this book published and all you did for our Veterans!


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