October 14, 2021

Getting Ready For New Publication

Deborah Sprinkle

Deborah Sprinkle's  book Death Of An Imposter was released in 2020.

About a rookie detective Bernadette Santos and her first murder case. Will her desire for justice end up breaking her heart? Or worse—get her killed!

DiAnn Mills, Christy Award Winner, said, "Deborah Sprinkle has masterfully created a rollercoaster ride. Destination: to end a murder spree."

     Don't miss her new book in the series, Trouble Valley, Silence Can Be Deadly.



                                                           NOVEMBER 2021

                            Deborah Sprinkle's new book, Silence Can Be Deadly!

And here is a post Deborah wrote for Suite T in October, 2019 giving writers advice


  1. Congratulations to Deborah on her success and on the new book coming out next month!

  2. Can't wait for Silence Can Be Deadly to release!