July 23, 2020

Readers Become Vested While Authors Share

Susan Reichert

One of the greatest things’ authors do is share. They are generous in giving of their time to other writers by helping with writing techniques. . . especially the how, why, what, and when.

We are very blessed to be in an industry where there is sharing on how to write the different genres; what works and what does not.

Every author I meet, is always willing to tell other writers this is what worked for me, this is what did not. Every conference I have attended, I see beginner writers talking with published authors. If you watch, you will see the author is generous in taking the time to answer the questions, give tips and encourage.

The interesting fact about writing, is many people would like to write. However, most may not get around to putting words to paper. Instead they will read the genres they enjoy. Readers will read the author’s blogs, to learn more about the author and to see how the author writes the books they write. They love the background of the stories. How the author chose the settings, plots, created the characters––are they people the author knows or people they make up? The more they learn about the how, why, and who the more vested they become in the book the author published.

What happens when a reader becomes vested in the book? They want it. They have learned how it was created, you have given them snippets of the book, and now they want the book. They want to read it. They have an interest.

Readers are enjoying reading Suite T, because they get to read about so many different authors and the birth of their books. Authors like Suite T because they learn from each other. Beginning writers like Suite T because they read how published, successful authors do it.

Selling books is not an easy task . . .but the more the readers learn about the author, the birth of the book, the more opportunities for the book to sell.

Thank you all for sharing your stories, our readers love it!

Susan Reichert is the owner of Southern Author Services, retired Editor-in-Chief of Southern Writers Magazine and the author of God's Prayer Power and Storms in Life.


  1. Thank you for giving us a platform, Susan! I believe strongly in paying it forward. Many writers helped me and I'm want to give back.

  2. Thank you Patricia. Because of authors like you many new writers will become successful published authors. One of the greatest gifts we can give is of ourselves in helping others. Thank you for all you do in paying it forward!

  3. One of the best blog posts I've written came about from reading Suite T. Thank you, Susan!