February 18, 2020

Increasing an Author’s Exposure

By Susan Reichert   @swmeditor

Editor-in-Chief, Southern Writers Magazine

I notice that some author’s do a book giveaway of their new books. This is a good way to create buzz around the release of a new book.
Some authors do those giveaways on their own websites and some on the websites of other authors and friends. Again, this is great…it continues fueling the buzz about the new release.
Here is the tip for more exposure on book giveaways:

When you do a signed book giveaway, be sure you shout it from the rooftops! Whether the book giveaway is on your website, a friend, another author, your publicist, or publishers or on our Weekly “Signed Book Giveaways”, tell everybody about it. Fuel the flame around the release of your book. Why?
When your book is a giveaway on another site, different from your own, that site is saying they are endorsing your work. They are telling people “Hey look at this book…Here is your chance to get a signed copy…We feel it is worth your attention”.
So be sure and send out emails to your family, friends, readers –everyone you know…that this site is endorsing your work…tell them to go see it…enter the drawing for a signed copy. (You should send out the cover of your book as well as the link to the site…we make a graphic for our authors to use to showcase the drawing and their book cover that fits on all Social Medias as well as websites and blogs and emails). Put that on your website, your blog, and all your Social Medias and since it normally only runs for up to a week, drop a note on your Social Medias to everyone to remember to enter the drawing for the signed book. Be sure and tell them to tell their friends about it too. This is one time you don’t have to be shy telling people about your book. Let them here it from the people doing the “book giveaway”. All you have to do is give directions where to go so someone else can tell them about your book.
This is a simple way for you to create a tremendous buzz about your book while someone else is also endorsing it and creating buzz.

Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief Southern Writers Magazine for nine years. Also author of Storms in Life and President of Collierville
Christian Writers Group.


  1. Great tip, Susan! Sometimes we forget to share when we're featured on someone else's blog.

    1. Thank you Patrica. We all get so busy the day is over before we realize we forget we didn't share.

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