June 4, 2018

10 Reasons to go to a Writer’s Conference

By Maritza M. Mejia

I shared to one class that I was excited and getting ready to attend a Writer’s Conference in Melbourne, Florida in April 22th, 2018.  A third grader asked, “Why do you need to go to a writer’s conference if you are already an author? “I know, I’m a published author, but I need to share and talk with other authors.” I gave him a simple reason.

At home, I asked to myself the same question. “Why do I need to go to a writer’s conference if I’m already an author? I try to attend to a yearly writer’s conference because I consider:

1.      Networking with other authors is uplifting.
2.      Meeting speakers and organizers is rewarding.
3.      Learning to become a better writer is pleasing.
4.      Confirming your ideas with other writers is reassuring.
5.      Making new friends is heartening.

6.      Selling a few books is consoling.
7.      Marketing your books is gratifying.
8.      Being active is inspirational
9.      Getting away from daily routine is necessary.
10.  Returning home is enriching because you are filled with ideas and good energy to keep writing.

The last conference I attended gave the knowledge and courage to translate my memoir Hazel Eyes into Spanish as Ojos Avellana. The book became a Latino Book Awards winner for BEST translation. Hard work pays off!
Maritza M. Mejia is the recipient of the Crystal Apple Award 2006, VCB Poetry Winner 2015, The Latino Book Awards 2016 and Author’s Talk Book Show 2017. Five Books published and articles posted on Southern Writers Magazine and La Nota Latina.Graduated from Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca in Commerce and Foreign Language and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities and Women’s Studies from Florida Atlantic University. Maritza writes to inspire others to be better persons. Book Published: Hazel Eyes (2010) An inspirational memoir for teenagers and adults translated into Spanish as Ojos Avellana. Bilingual Children Books: Vanilla and Chocolate/Vainilla y Chocolate (2012) and Grandma’s Treasure/El Tesoro de la Abuela (2014). Poetry Book, Poems, Thoughts and More. Social Media: Website:

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