November 30, 2017

Your Name Here 3,219,813 Times

By Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor for Southern Writers Magazine

As a writer it is important to get your name and your work out there in the view of the public. There are many ways to do that but there is one that is free to all writers but seldom used. Since the beginning of our Southern Writers Magazine blog, Suite T we have had 3,219,813 page views and counting. You could have been a guest author blog poster, here are the guidelines.  Wouldn’t it be great to have your name and that of your works out here over 3 Million times? Well believe it or not that was possible. If you have missed this opportunity it is available for next 3 Million page views and more. It only takes and little knowledge of the blog and diligence. Here is how it works.

At the end of each blog is a bio of the author, an area that says, “If you liked this” then an area for your comments. It is noted by blue ink noting the number of existing comments such as 5 Comments. You simply click on 5 Comments and your opportunity awaits you. After reading the blog share with the author your thoughts and any questions you may have for the author. Questions can open a dialogue and if interested may continue beyond the comment section to emails, text or phone calls. It could be an opportunity to gain a mentor. But let’s remember why you are here, to get your name and your works in lights.

Each time you leave a comment, be sure to use a signature. An example would be “John Doe author of XYZ Thriller”. You do not want it too long or cumbersome but you may add any award you have earned such as “John Doe, author of XYZ Thriller and Winner of the Scare me to Death Award”. So with a comment you have announced yourself and possibly opened dialogue with other authors. There are still more opportunities here we need to look into.

As a comment is made there is sure to come a reply. Here is another opportunity. Comment on the reply and again add your signature. You showing interest in others opinions could develop a valued relationship. If you will follow the comment and reply you can introduce yourself to many interested readers and authors.

So if you had started this when Suite T began you would have over 3 Million opportunities to introduce yourself and works. But remember that is just with us. This practice should be used whenever and wherever you have an opportunity to do so. Start today and we will look for your comment and signature and of course we will reply.        


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