August 30, 2022

Melissa Koslin Interviewing With Suite T


Melissa Koslin

Melissa Koslin started writing in 2009. Koslin is making a name for herself in the romantic suspense genre with her engaging mysteries that draw readers in and keep them spellbound. In Dangerous Beauty, Koslin throws two characters into an unlikely situation—an arranged marriage for a good cause. Dark origins, buried secrets, and a dangerous buyer collide in this breakneck tale that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Who were/are two of your favorite authors? 

Charlotte Bronte, Elizabeth Camden, Roseanna M. White, Jody Hedlund, J.K. Rowling, O. Henry

Do you feel they influenced you? In what way? 

Charlotte Bronte for sure. I LOVE Jane Eyre, how Bronte weaves in darkness and shadow yet maintains innocence and virtue in the main character. Even with his brooding nature and checkered past, Mr. Rochester has managed to hold onto goodness.

What point in your writing career did you feel like you had gone from amateur to pro? I don’t think there was a specific time. I just keep learning. I never want to think of myself as done learning—that’s when you start failing.

What do you look for in choosing a setting for your book? The story usually dictates the place. In Dangerous Beauty, the main character escapes human traffickers not long after being brought over the border, so I set the book in Texas.

What steps if any are involved in research for your book? 

Read, read, read, verify sources.

In writing your new book, what do you feel makes it stand out? 

A fresh twist on marriage of convenience. I won’t give anything away, but Meric is not your standard romance story billionaire. His past (and his present, for that matter) is a lot more complicated. And Liliana may have no real power or resources, but she is not a damsel in distress. She refuses to give up to the term victim.

In your new book, what would you like the reader to feel and walk away with?

Hope. That there are truly good people out there, who will help others for no other reason than they have the ability and it’s the right thing. And also, perhaps swoony at times. 😊

What is the best writing advice you have received so far?

 Show don’t tell.

What is the worst? 

Write in present tense. I just can’t do it.

Between plotting, character development, dialogue, scenes which is easiest for you, and which takes a lot of effort?

I suppose plotting takes the most effort. I plot in advance. It takes a lot of focus to make sure everything logically lines up. Dialogue feels the easiest because I’ve already plotted and already at least kind of know what they’re going to say.

What is your schedule for writing? 

I’m a new mother, so whenever I can squeeze in 5 minutes.

What do you do if you get stumped? 

Keep thinking. There is ALWAYS a solution. The line editor for Never Miss found a pretty big issue in that book, and I found a way around it that worked out really well. I was almost glad she found the issue.

Did you or do you make any sacrifices to be a writer? 

No. I love it.

Did you choose your genre, or did it choose you?

 I guess I fell into in naturally. I’m a bit of a romantic (dramatic but not sappy), and I’m a 4th degree black belt so the action parts of my books came out organically because of that background.

What is the best way you found to market your book? 

A little (or a lot) of everything.

Did you actively build a network of readers and if so, how? 

I’m building that mostly through social media and my newsletter (sign up at my website!).

Are you on the Social Media Highway and if so, do you schedule times to post? 

I squeeze it in whenever I can.

What advice would you like to give new authors that would help them? 

My advice to writers when I ran a critique group was to listen to all advice openly, don’t be afraid to dismiss it if you disagree, but also pay more attention when different people keep telling you the same thing. You don’t have to do exactly what they advise, but you should mull it over and find what feels right.

Melissa Koslin is a fourth-degree black belt in and certified instructor of Songahm Taekwondo. In her day job as a commercial property manager, she secretly notes personal quirks and funny situations, ready to tweak them into colorful additions for her books. The author of Never Miss, Melissa lives in Jacksonville, Florida, with her husband, Corey.

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