May 22, 2018


By Susan Reichert,  Editor-in-Chief for Southern Writers Magazine 

In certain religions and cultures, dragons have spiritual significance and they are revered. To some the dragon represents nature. Some even associate the dragon with wisdom.

Mice we think of as a small mammal. To some people they are pets. To large birds, they are food. These little creatures also invade our homes for food and shelter.

What do you think of when you think of a dragon? I will admit I certainly would not think of them as having wisdom. They are big, and fire pours out of their mouth creating havoc and poisoning the air.
Of the two, I think the mouse has more wisdom, certainly smarter; it sneaks into our homes for survival.

We humans are similar… either we come on so strong it turns people off or we are so timid no one hardly knows we are around.

For a writer it is important to find balance between being a dragon and a mouse. A shy writer needs to overcome their shyness, to tell people they are writers.

If the book is at your publishers announce it to the world, give them the release date, and give updates periodically and insights on the process. Express your feelings and the thrill of anticipating the book’s release.

Be a little more ‘dragonistic’ (I like this new word)! Just don’t go totally dragon on us and forget there are others who are writing too.

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