November 18, 2016

5 Steps To A Successful Facebook Virtual Book Launch Party (The things no one tells you about version!)

By Annette O’Hare

Having successfully launched my first novel this year I consider myself an experienced Facebook virtual book launch party planner. Okay, so maybe I’m not an expert. Google Facebook book launch and you’ll find everything you need to know…almost! Today I’m sharing my shortlist of things you won’t learn from the experts. Here we go!

No. 1 – A twenty-something year old (An older teen might do the job)
I’m blessed to have my own, living in my garage apartment. She’s my daughter. Why do you need this? Because, a Facebook launch party is complicated and insanely fast! I posted a question to the group, allowed fifteen minutes for responses, and commented on approximately forty replies per question! Without my daughter I couldn’t have posted the next question, queued the guests, or informed the group who won prizes. It’s a two-person job unless perhaps you are a twenty-something!

No. 2 – A lot of great giveaways
Every attendee expects giveaways such as signed books, bookmarks, etc. What they may not expect is quality jewelry you got for next to nothing as a jewelry party hostess. In addition to signed copies of my book and gift cards, I also gave away premium jewelry. I helped out a friend’s new business and in return I earned items to give away at my book launch. Win and win! This would work with numerous catalog-type parties.

No. 3 – Engaging questions entice attendees to post
Here are some questions receiving the best responses.
1.     What is your favorite, least favorite…? Questions asking readers their favorite or least favorite will bring a lot of responses. Everyone has an opinion and most want to share it.
2.     What is your conclusion? Questions asking for a conclusion to a problem where the answer is unknown. You know, make something up, the funnier the better!
3.     What is the strangest, weirdest or grossest…? My question was food combination. Readers love sharing their weirdness.

No. 4 – A Facebook literate audience (I can dream)
This goes back to why you need No. 1. My twenty-something spent a lot of time lassoing rogue attendees and herding them back to the appropriate post. Yes, there were instructions, posted in bold. Instead of posting beneath the “current” question, some posted directly to the top of the page. Some posted on my Facebook author page. Some posted to their home page. I saw my daughter post at least a dozen times,  “Post here now to win prizes.” Facebook illiteracy…the struggle is real!

No. 5 – Really funny friends and family
Do you have funny friends or family? Invite them! One thing that made my Facebook launch party a success was participation by my crazy, funny friends. Yes, my party was three hours of organized chaos, but reading hilarious replies made it all worth it. I even saved them to read when I’m feeling down.

Thank you, Southern Writers Magazine for allowing me share my list. Even though they’re a bit unorthodox, I hope these five things will help you in planning your next Facebook virtual book launch party.

Annette O’Hare is an award-winning author living in Southeast Texas with her husband, Dan of thirty-one years. Her love for the history and heritage of her home state shines through in her first novel, Northern Light, a Civil War romance set on the Texas Gulf Coast. A member of American Christian Fiction Writers and ACFW Writers On The Storm, Annette’s desire is to reveal God’s love to her readers and hopefully give them a laugh or two. The O’Hare’s are proud parents of two Texas A&M graduates, one exceedingly imaginative high school sophomore and two rambunctious, loveable rescue dogs. Her Social Media Links are; Website: Facebook -

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