October 11, 2016

An Easy-Fun Way to Market Your Books

By Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief for Southern Writers Magazine 

Let’s face it; an author has to learn how to promote their books. As they say…”It is what it is.” (I know that’s a terrible quote!)
So instead of dreading it, let’s look at ways you can do it so that it’s fun for you. Well, at least some of it.
Authors must connect with readers…you have to have an audience right? But you can’t hit them over the head saying…”Buy my book, Buy my book, please buy my book!”
Let’s look at giving them information–content. I have a friend who was a forensics investigator in his past life. He is an author now, and writes thrillers.
A great way for him to gather readers is to talk about forensics on his blog. People are always interested in that subject. So he can discuss numerous scenes in which he has actually witnessed and can also give important forensics information regarding high profile cases that have been in the news. Writers will also want to follow him and become a reader if they are writing thrillers and or mysteries that involve murder/suicide/accidents. His knowledge can help bring their scenes alive.
Using this type of content to bring attention to himself and his books is ongoing not short-term. This long term endeavor using this content module will garner him hundreds of readers as he continues supplying this information and talking about subjects his readers are interested in. This allows promotion of every book he writes. Obviously, people will buy his books because he has created a following.
Whether he writes once or twice a week on his blog or perhaps more should be done to give readers and writers a place to come and read all the interesting information he has to share.
Not all authors write about forensics, but in the genre you write, there is information that readers want to know. You just have to determine what you are writing about, who will find this information interesting and gear your content you write on your blog to that audience. Obviously you would market to that particular audience.

If you write a cozy mystery and your protagonist is a quilter, a chef, a gardener then you know you have an audience that would like information on those subjects.Your content you would share would pertain to quilting, recipes, and gardening.

This creates your reader followers; again it is long term because you are developing your following––the people who will buy your books.

What books do you write? Who would have an interest in your subject matter? There’s your audience.

It takes a little time to work out the specifics but once you do, you have created a sure fire way to draw readers to you as an author and to read your books if you are giving them information they want and need.

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