September 14, 2016

Party On to Become a Best-Seller

By Helen Nazzaro

Imagine being invited to the party of your dreams. Everything is perfect: the d├ęcor, the food, the entertainment, and all of your readers are there, just to meet you. Take it a step further, imagine your perfect party overflowing with readers you’ve never met, and they’re all there to buy Your books! Would you want to party on?

This is happening every day on social media, and if you know how to throw virtual parties to launch your books, you are going to increase your book sales, increasing your chances of achieving the authors’ Holy Grail – Best-Seller status. 

The most popular parties for book launches are Twitter parties and Facebook parties. The first time I was invited to a Facebook party, I contacted the hostess, who lives in Minnesota, saying, “I would love to go to your party, but is it in Minnesota?”

She probably fell off her couch laughing. Then she politely explained that it was a private Facebook page, where the attendees posted comments in response to posts made by authors. The fun would last for 2-4 hours, and there would be games and prizes. I typed as fast as I could, responding via Facebook message, “Count me in!”  

Not only do readers love Facebook parties, they attend specifically to interact with their favorite authors and to find new authors.  That’s right! They are there looking for new authors, just like you. Multiple authors are featured as “guest speakers”, so they meet and interact with each other’s fans, and readers get hooked on new writers by winning books or having an opportunity to buy at special party discounts. Since most parties are held on launch day or soon thereafter, sales typically spike right around the launch date, helping boost an author toward their ultimate goal. It just can’t get much better!

Authors ask readers to perform simple tasks such as “liking” their author Facebook page or subscribing to their author newsletter for a chance at a free book. A whole new crop of readers will see all your news, get to know you via your Facebook posts, and they becomebona fide fans. Readers love it, and authors do, too. Facebook parties are fast paced and lots of fun. And any salesperson can tell you that when people have a good time, they spend money. In this case, they buy books. Lots of books.
Helen Nazzaro grew up in the town of Mount Pleasant in the South Carolina Lowcountry, where she developed her love of history and the written word. According to family folklore, she is related to Edgar Allen Poe. She currently resides in Germantown, TN, and he is the founder of One More Time Editing, LLC and CEO of Nazzaro & Price Publishing. She is a lifetime member of the American Copy Editors Society (ACES), Bartlett Christian Writers, The Romance Writers of America, and the Historical Novel Society. Her social media links are:


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