April 25, 2016

Facebook Advertisement Strategies: What You Need to Know, Part Two

By Sheena Mathieson

Tips on Getting Likes on a Facebook Page

Facebook Likes can be used to measure the exposure of a certain franchise, personality, or product. The more Likes a page has, the more people can see its posts on their news feed. Accounts that like your page become your Facebook followers and they are privy to the posts that appear on the page. This is why people are always promoting others to like their Facebook pages whenever they can. Part of proper Facebook management is keeping the content of the page engaging to the viewers. Here are some tips to get more likes on your Facebook page:

Keep your posts short and interesting. Nowadays, people scrolling through their news feeds have short attention spans and hardly ever read long text posts so make sure the posts are engaging and straight to the point.

Include colorful pictures that pique the interests of the visitors. Be particular with the profile picture and cover photo. These are the first things a new visitor will see on your Facebook page. In addition to the pinned post, this will help build a good impression to new users. Bright colors immediately grab the attention of the people when they scroll the timeline. Posting the related text in picture format would also help project your message in a visual way.

Witty and funny posts are likely to get Facebook Likes and Shares and will cause new visitors to check out your page and potentially subscribe to it, increasing your Facebook followers. Each time a user shares any of the content on your page, exposes your page to other users from the sharer’s friend list, which is good for publicity.

Sharing and relating trending posts to the subject matter is also a way of using popular topics to draw more attention to your Facebook page. As these posts have a huge number of views and hits every day, capitalize on their popularity by relating these posts to your content.
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