January 28, 2016

Someday Isle

By Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor for Southern Writers Magazine    

Someday Isle
Someday Isle is a beautiful place
That glows and glistens in the sun
A beautiful place we will never go
And nothing will ever get done

This is my take on Brian Tracey’s and Denis Waitley’s Someday Isle, pronounced Someday I’ll. Denis Waitley sees Someday Isle as a place to find happiness. Brian Tracey sees it as a crowded Isle full of people that share excuses for why they have yet to do the things they want to do someday. I see it differently.

I see Someday Isle as a carefree convenient place we all tend to escape to from time to time. I say escape to but actually it is not a destination. Someday Isle is in itself an excuse. You never need to travel to go there. We go there by simply saying, “Someday Isle clean the garage, visit a friend, do something with the kids or chase a dream.” Good intentions yes and a great idea but by using the phrase Someday Isle you commit to procrastination.

You procrastinate for many reasons. Usually using Someday Isle means you may not now have a legitimate excuse but you are buying time until one comes along. It could also mean you are hesitant and waiting for the right time to proceed. In the world of sales we call that waiting for all the lights to turn green before you leave the house. Odds are that will never happen.

“There are seven days in a week, and someday isn’t one of them.” Rita Chand
How do we overcome this habit of using Someday Isle? One way is when you catch yourself using “Someday Isle”, just say to yourself, “Why not TODAY?” Reality should set in and honesty takes over as you search for the ways to start today. If your idea was legitimate you should find a way to pursue it and take the first step now. Take Someday Isle and make it NOW!

Another way to break the habit is to do what Brian Tracey recommends, vote yourself off the island. Many of us watch the TV show Survivor and understand being voted off the island. In this case vote yourself off and the way to do it is determine you will decide on the position of “NO EXCUSES, ONLY SOLUTIONS”.

“Trust your gut” as they say. Believe in you intuition and instinct. Many great ideas come to us in this way. Don’t overlook an idea or a dream. Hang on to it, share it, get feedback and take that first step. Packing its bags and sending it off to Someday Isle should be the last thing you consider. .        

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