February 24, 2012

A Committed Relationship...With Writing

by Jeuron Dove

I can’t recall the exact date I fell in love with writing, but it’s safe to say that my relationship with writing has been a committed one for several years. Actually, it’s the one relationship that has lasted longer than any other! Through the good times and the bad, writing has always been there as my sole outlet of expression and creativity.

Some people are good with numbers while others are great at public speaking and athletics, but writing has always been my favorite hobby.

I’ve enjoyed writing since a young age. It was always the one subject I did best in at school. I truly believe that writing is the one thing I’ve always been good at. There is no better feeling than know you can do something better than anyone else and have people depend on you for it.

I love to blog. I think I can speak for every blogger when I say that the best part about blogging is when you realize you’ve written something than connects with your readers. Sure I’d love to have a huge following and have hundreds of people comment on each post I write. However, just knowing that one person has been affected by my writing is all the satisfaction I need to feel successful.

I’m deeply in love with writing and look forward to the many adventures and places it‘ll take me in life.

Jeuron Dove graduated from North Carolina A&T State University with a degree in Journalism. He is an aspiring author and active blogger who enjoys writing about professional wrestling, the writing community and a variety of other topics in his spare time. He resides in Reidsville, NC. You can visit his blog at

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