Friday, September 2, 2011

When the Sleeping Giants Rise

by Shannon Milholland, Social Media Director

Embracing a life of passion and purpose was like waking from a 39 year slumber. The fog lifted a bit at a time. Eventually I penetrated layers of insecurity, doubt and timidity caked decades thick.

Perhaps you, like me, never pictured yourself as a writer. Just behind the label "Least Likely to Write a Novel", you would badge yourself with "Least Likely to Self-Promote". If the label fits, you're a kindred spirit.

  • As a child I shuddered when faced with telephone usage. I recall tearful pleas to my parents to make calls on my behalf.
  • As a teen, I allowed self-doubt to overshadow confidence in my ability to attract and retain a date.
How then does an awkward youth blossom into a social butterfly who today works as a Social Media Director and delivers talks to audiences of any size? I slayed the giant sleeping dreams.  All those years, the dream of speaking and writing hid beneath the surface. I awoke the behemoth with one Herculean leap of faith - I began a blog.

Here are three easy steps to awaken the dreams within you:

Acknowledge the Passion

Passion fuels purpose. Passion writes in twilight hours. Passion dares to share the written word. Passion acknowledged is passion kindled. Acknowledgement ignites your dreams.

Plan Your Purpose

Make specific, achievable goals which plot your purpose in actionable steps. Do you need to join a social media such as Facebook or Twitter? Should you submit your first article? Will you fine tune your book proposal?

Plan your purpose and live your passion.

Commit to Consciousness

The familiarity of sleep overtakes the dream left to smolder. The safe position is retreat. Commit to consciousness. Refuse to sleep once more. A conscious giant delivers mammoth results.

Did you feel the splash of cold water on your face? Now that you're fully alert, walk in your purpose. Will you self-promote? No. You will love your corner of the world enough to share your gifts. Let your sleeping giants rise.

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